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A Michigan Resident Share a Bigfoot experience from Utah

Let me start by saying that I have only shared this with my wife. The reason it wasn't reported is that it happened when I was 13. It was 1978 and my brother and I moved to Moab, Utah with our father. We soon made friends and had the opportunity to go camping with the local youth group. It was going to be a two week trip into the Lasalle mountain range.
We would be with ten other kids and two adult guides on horseback. We jumped at the chance and soon the day came to embark on our adventure. We traveled through the foot hills the first day and made camp by evening. The evening was pretty uneventful. Just us pitching up camp and tending to the horses. We moved on the next morning rode deeper into the mountains and searched for our next stop which would put us over our first mountain to a valley with rolling hills and some small cliffs.

In deciding where our tent should that night, my brother and I put ours away from everyone else on a little hill that dropped off at the back side about seven feet. At the front of our tent, we could see the bonfire approx 70 yards away.

This is what happened.

I was in my sleeping bag laying on my side with my left ear to the ground. The sound of the ground vibrating was the first thing I remember like something very heavy walking close to our tent. I woke my brother and whispered that something was outside.  I pointed to the ground and motioned him to do the same and to listen. it was getting closer and it walked around the tent. He said to go look out the front of the tent and I said, “No way!” He then called me a chicken and that did it! I stuck my head outside the tent and grabbed our cheap flashlight and headed out into the night.

I saw nothing out the front so I flashed the light to the rear of the tent and saw something standing behind the hill. Only its head and shoulders were visible and it seemed to be looking right at me with two big eyes glowing in my flashlight beam. The head was very big and the eyes where blinking as if the light was bothering it. It had to have been at least 7-8 feet tall. It blinked twice more, turned away and it was gone. I know as an adult now that what I saw was both remarkable and rare but as a kid in 1978, no one was very understanding of Bigfoot stories and I wasn't going to be branded a liar or a weirdo. Even my brother who didn’t actually see anything but did hear something says it could have been anything. To that I say, “Yep! I saw something that was 8 feet tall with a huge head, forward facing eyes the size of billiard balls and it walked on two legs and that’s what I saw!” To this day, I see the image in my head and remember it vividly. To all the critic's and skeptics, I say I agree if you have never seen anything than it must not exist in your world but take a walk outside your city or town or comfort zone, get into the wild and your beliefs might change.

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