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Excerpt from The Top Twenty Cryptozoology Stories of 2002
Loren Coleman

The first of many "mystery cat" reports from southern Michigan began in February 2002. Near Niles, on February 2, the Young family saw a cream-colored large cat, the size of a German shepherd, 40 feet from their home’s French doors. They decided it looked like a cougar. The Youngs continued to watch the animal as it strolled east toward Edwards Way, a subdivision off of Brush Road. Jesse Young then went to the home of a neighbor, an avid hunter, and the two checked the footprints in the yard. The animal had crossed the flower garden, about 25 feet from the patio door, leaving pugmarks of a large cat. The Youngs’s report was the first of many, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources had an ongoing battle with the media all year, stating they did not feel these were really cougars. The DNR stated: "There is no substantive evidence that there are naturally occurring cougars in Michigan. Some argue that there are, but we don't have any good evidence there are." Of course, don’t tell that to the Youngs and the other witnesses who saw these mystery cats during 2002.

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On the other hand, Michigan is home to the beautiful Mountain Lion. The DNR seemed to deny it for a long time, but they do indeed live on our soil. Check out this link sent in by a reader. It tracks Couger sightings in Michigan.

Couger Sightings in Michigan

Reader Submission June 2012 - I was coming home around 1:30am when I thought I had seen a large black cat bigger than any Lab I have ever seen. I thought I was seeing things since I was very tired, but then my 21 year old grandson went "O crap! Was that what I think it was?" We saw it at Elly Road and Quacker Street intersection in Vandalia, MI. When we backed up, it was gone.

Reader Submission March 2011

At my parents house in Ida (southeast Michigan) we had just pulled into a driveway for a birthday party and in the corner of their front yard (five acres surrounded by brush) we saw one three foot black cat the size of a Labrador! It looked back at the ditch and out came another one! Later during the party, my grandma saw one of the cats close to the same area. We got a better look at it and it looked almost “dirty black.” My husband thought it was a Bobcat and we got our binoculars out and the head looked to be like a fluffy house cat head, not the usual long eared Bobcat.  We don't know what this was but there were two of them.

Reader Submission September 2009

"I didn’t know who to contact on this, but I read one of the articles on this site about mysterious cats of southern Michigan. Well about a month ago my wife and I were driving back from a friend’s house at probably 1 am.  All of a sudden, two creatures or animals ran across the road. They had to be about 3 feet tall. I hit the one in the rear quarter with the bumper of my car, but it didn’t do any damage. I went back to the same area the next day and there was no body, blood or anything. No evidence at all. The animals were like a brownish in color and they ran fluidly like a cat. Their fur was smooth and short. I couldn’t get a better description of them as it was a matter of seconds."




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