Strange creatures in Michigan that seem to defy the norm...

For as long as Michigander’s have been living in the big mitten, people have been witness to strange creatures at unexpected moments. They have no idea what they encountered or how to even explain it to anyone. All they know is what they saw was as real as you or me. Some are reluctant to tell anyone for fear of being teased or made to feel stupid. But others have bravely told people what they saw regardless of the concerned looks for their mental sanity. We here at Michigan’s Otherside have been used to the “concerned” look for some time, so feel free to share your sightings of the strangest with us.

If you have ever seen something similar to the creatures we will be adding to the page as they become known, contact us.

Reader submission Fall 2011

I want to tell you this because it's been bothering me for years. If you have heard of anyone else seeing this thing, it would take a load off of my mind. Whenever I tell anyone about it their eyes glaze over in disbelief, and I don't blame them. I had someone with me who saw it as well, but he, "doesn't want to talk about it.”

We were walking along the shore of Lake Michigan in the Mona Shores area (this was back in 1989, I believe). It was about 11pm, and we were both stone cold sober. Something caught our eye near the tree line and we both stopped in our tracks as this creature emerged from the underbrush. What really caught us off guard is that it was the size of a full grown deer, but it didn't have antlers. It didn't run, it leapt (kind of like a rabbit does) and made it from the trees to the shore in three large bounds. When it got to the shore it stopped and raised a paw, then turned and looked at us. Its face is what really made our blood run cold--it had the face of what I can only call a "hellhound". It was a very canine face (except I don't recall it having ears) but EVIL looking. It never made a sound. We were TERRIFIED of course, and ran as fast as we could back to the car, which was parked mercifully close by.   Since seeing this thing, my whole perspective on reality has changed. I really just need to know if anyone else has seen it.  

Reader submission Spring 2012 - "It's scary enough to make a kid pee his pants."

I’ve seen what they are talking about when I was little and it scared the hell out of me. Ok, so I’m in my room and it’s dark and quiet. The next thing I know, I see a giant shadow that was the size of a deer only it was in the shape of a canine out my window and it’s staring at me and has red glowing eyes and it was silent. It scared me so bad I peed my pants. I told my mom but she didn’t believe me and a couple of days later I thought I saw my little nephew but it wasn’t my nephew, it was this really fast pitch black shadow that ran past me. When I went to check on my nephew he was still in bed. It scared the hell out of me. That’s my true ghost story.























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