Does Frank's Box Really Communicate with the Dead?
How One Invention Might Help You Communicate with Spirits


By Lisa Hoskins of P.R.I.S.M.

Frank Sumption is the original creator of the ghost box, otherwise known as "Frank's Box". He created the device as a means of communicating with higher-level spirits such as angels and spirit guides. But the device is being tested by paranormal investigators around the world and is creating a buzz within the paranormal community.

Frank's Box scans AM and FM frequencies in a continuous fashion, creating white noise, which people believe spirits can use to communicate with. The box is said to be interactive because you can ask questions directly to the spirits and receive replies from them as you are talking. Frank Sumption made the box using radio, electric and computer components. He made the first box in 2002, after being prompted to do so from the spirit world. At the time, he made less than three dozen, and eventually gave a few of them out to selective participants so that they could test them out for themselves to see if the boxes could be used to communicate with spirits from the other side.

Recently, Christopher Moon appeared on Paranormal State, featured on A & E, and used what he termed "the telephone to the dead". Frank Sumption had given Mr. Moon one of his devices to test out, and since then Mr. Moon has begun charging clients who want to communicate with passed-over relatives and other spirits, using his telephone to the dead. Rumors have it that Frank Sumption does not agree with Mr. Moon's practices of charging people while using his creation, and that it was never intended for such use.

After word got out about the Frank's Box, people began to do their own experiments and there are quite a few variations on the original device, including the Radio Shack Hack, which is made by altering an AM/FM radio by cutting the mute pin on the radio so it continuously scans the radio frequencies. Those who have tested this method and other similar methods say that they have gotten results that are comparable to the original Frank's Box.
Until these devices cropped up, the most widely-used method for spirit communication has been through audio recorders, which can pick up the voices of disembodied spirits on tape (and digital recorders). The newer methods might allow users to have real-time communication with those who have crossed over to the other side. Thomas Edison himself said he thought a device to communicate with spirits should be made, but nobody seems to know whether he actually started work on his own device or not. Whether you are a believer or non-believer, such ideas and theories can certainly raise the interest of people and get them to test such methods out for themselves. -

Learn more about Frank’s Box in the book “Strange Frequencies” by Craig Telesha available through the American Ghost Society. The book is well worth your money and includes directions on making your own “Radio Shack Hack” among countless other ghost tech stuff.

Article published with the permission of Lisa Hoskins




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