Oh no...please stop me...I'm gonna use it...but..."Who ya gonna call?" Ok there! The only reference to the movie Ghostbusters on this site. But hey, it's true! Who are you going to contact if you have something potentially paranormal happening in your home or around yourself? Not many people feel like opening up to just anyone. A lot of our emails begin with, "I'm not crazy! But this is what happened..." Paranormal activity can be whimsical at times or just plain frightening.

In the past few years, there's been a huge surge of interest in the paranormal thanks to television shows and other sources of media. The surge created a new type of respect for many paranormal investigators, but with it, also came a lot more thrill seekers pouring into the field at astonishing rates. A lot of people became inspired by these shows to form their own teams in search of what lurks in the dark. And while they pose as "serious scientific teams" inspired by TAPS and others, many of the teams listed here have been inspired by something more and have been researching the field for a long time. We have met many of these teams in person or have always heard very good things about them. If you write telling us, "Hey...can you put us on your links page because you'll be seeing us in books, radio, TV, Times Square and Outerspace", we want nothing to do with your website on here. It's not about seeing your name in lights; it's about gaining a deeper understanding of the paranormal and perhaps even helping your fellow, befuddled Michiganders with their paranormal problems.


Great Lakes Paranormal Research Organization (A.K.A. Michigan's Otherside) - While we are not currently taking on members or pursuing investigations, we began as a traditional team in 2003 called Great Lakes Paranormal Research. In 2007 we formed Michigan's Otherside as a creative and fun outlet that we began to prefer rather than having a team. We now lecture in the Fall seasons, help people with any paranormal questions and collect stories and haunted places from fellow Michiganders, along with working with other teams around the state and out of state.

G.R.A.S.P.P - Gathering Research & Stories of Paranormal Phenomena

Great Lakes Hauntings

Grimstone Inc.

Highland Ghost Hunters

Michigan Ghost Watchers

M.P.I. (Detroit)

Mid-Michigan Paranormal Investigators

Northern Lights Paranormal Reseach Society

Paranormal Investigators & Research Council of Michigan

Southern Michigan Paranormals

Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society

West Michiagn Ghost Hunters Society

West Michigan Paranormal Investigation

You can also check out a website called Paranormal Societies that features paranormal teams around Michigan but always be leary. If you are looking to invite strangers into your home for an investigation, do some research first and don't hesitate to ask the team for references. Afterall, you are hiring them to "do a job" so to say. Like we always say...that's more to fear from the living than the dead.