Legends and graveyards walk hand in hand. It’s hard to find a cemetery without some legend or urban legend lurking behind a tombstone. When people think of haunted places, one of the first things to pop into their minds is a cemetery. But are they really all haunted?

We don’t feel that all cemeteries are haunted. There have been plenty cemeteries investigated by us that are so quiet and calm, we could have pitched a tent and had a good nights sleep along with everyone else in the ground. Generally, many paranormal researchers don't like to believe every cemetery is haunted because who would want to stick around their rotting corpse after they are dead. Some researchers in the paranormal won't even investigate cemeteries. But what about the cemeteries where unexplained things were caught on video, in pictures and what of the things perfectly trustworthy, normal people have reported seeing in a cemetery when least expecting it?

Enjoy reading about some of Michigan’s mysterious burial grounds. If you have visited a cemetery in Michigan that is haunted and have a story to share, write to us! We'll post your story on our site.