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Ghosts in the Cornfield

As a teenager I lived in a multilevel house right on M66 in Battle Creek close to the Pennfield schools.  A couple of times I was walking along the rows of corn in the cornfield just behind my home when I had a paranormal experience.  I was only about four or five rows back, walking parallel to the back of my house when I saw a farmer in blue jeans and a red flannel shirt walking towards me in the row closer to my house.  I was too scared to look up to see his face.  There was no sound from his footsteps or his arms hitting the dried leaves on the cornstalks.  I had massive goose bumps!  A couple of weeks later I was walking along the corn rows in about the same spot and this time I saw the farmer with a hound dog.  Once again, I was too scared to look up.  He was between me and the safety of my home.  I kept my eyes down, held my breath and hoped he wouldn't say or do anything to me.  They passed silently and my heart rate slowed back down.  My sisters and I loved to play in the cornfields. 

Years later, one of my sisters admitted she had seen the farmer.  He is probably still walking the fields every Fall as he had in life.  Farther back in the fields I had the sensation of an Indian presence though I never actually saw or heard anything to back that up.  It was in a small area that wouldn't grow corn in the middle of acres of very successful corn.  Possibly an old fire pit for a small Native American tribe? I just hope the farmer and his dog are memories replaying and not a spirit stuck in between worlds. 

There was no feeling of malevolence so I am thinking it is just that old habits are hard to break. Same with the Indian presence. Just feels as if there had been a (very) small tribe there at one time, maybe just camped waiting out bad weather or something.  No feeling of illness or war.  Just of existence.  I did hang a cross out there at that spot because I was nervous, being twelve and all.  Just gave me confidence. 

Reader Story Submission - June 2010

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