About a decade ago, there were only a handful of paranormal teams within the great state of Michigan. In 2013, there are probably over 100 "teams/clubs" trying to function here. The recent decade has seen an explosion in paranormal popularity. From shows like “Ghost Hunter’s”, “Paranormal State" and "Ghost Adventures," among countless others spin offs that have come and gone and are still in the works, the paranormal world has found its place in pop culture. Will it fade back into the shadows? At some point, like all fads, it probably will. But the good thing to come out of this new found popularity is an increase in the serious study of paranormal investigation (and not so serious some could argue) and other related fields. You can’t ignore something people have been experiencing since…well…the beginning of human existence. So whether your a seasoned slueth or a budding hobbiest, hopefully there's something here to learn and always more to come.

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Become A Better Paranormal Investigator Gene Lafferty (now retired) is an excellent paranormal investigator and one to learn from. Read some of his excellent articles to sharpen your P.I. skills.

Advice: Getting started in paranormal investigationInterested in exploring the unknown? Here are a few tips if you are just getting started.



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