Everyone loves a good ghost story. Check out some of Michigan's well known and not so well known haunted locations. If you've visited any of these places, share your stories with us and we will add them to the collection. We are always looking for new, quality places to add and interesting stories.

After reading the articles and stories about Michigan on this website, paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike may explore the idea of packing up the car and taking a cheap vacation to destinations unknown around Michigan so that they might catch a glimpse of the Nain Rouge of Detroit, stumble upon a Saugatuck Melon Head or run into one of Michigan's famous ghosts! Michigan proves to be an all inclusive destination for ghost tours, strange stories, legends and mysterious sure to thrill just about anyone. Enjoy your stay on "the otherside."


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Traverse City State Hospital At one time, this might have been one of the scariest places in Michigan to visit.